Last Man Standing: Mort Sahl and the Birth of Modern Comedy- Episode 33 of The Biography Podcast

Five years have passed between Episodes 32 and 33. So, why did I bring back the show?

Well, from a question of time, a lot of the projects I was juggling back during the first run of the show had come to an end. Second, the show I was producing that was the main competition for my time, The Invisible Hand, was essentially winding down, as it became harder and harder for me to get excited about new topics. But the most important element for me was that I still found the topic interesting. Biography,more than any other genre, is the best at showing us both tales of aspriation and tales of caution. And while I admit that my personal taste in biography runs towards the more colorful, I try not to stuff the show with those subjects. As to why I chose Mort Sahl for my first show back, he met a standard of a once very famous performer who faded from public view. Add to that that I had already read and enjoyed the work of his biographer, James Curtis, and it is a short line from interest in the book to making contact for a show. And so, from May 1, 2017, James Curtis talking about his book, Last Man Standing: Mort Sahl and the Birth of Modern Comedy.