Magic Gardens: The Memoirs of Viva Las Vegas- Episode 14 of The Biography Podcast

Liv Osthus- aka Viva Las Vegas- is not only a Portland institution but also a friend of mine. She has been writing for a long time and this, her first memoir, is not only the story of a bright young woman discovering her art, but also a bit of a paen to a Portland that is sadly passing into history. This is another show I did in studio. One of the benefits of doing a show in studio is being able to see the other person. So many of my shows are done on line and I have enough experience to get a sense of how a guest is respsonding to the questions. It is much easier to do that when you are sitting across the desk from the guest. So, from August 30, 2009, Viva Las Vegas talking about her memoir, Magic Gardens: The Memoirs of Viva Las Vegas.